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Betting Promos

The betting industry is a packed and competitive marketplace and you will discover that there are many ways that betting companies – or bookmakers – will try to get your business as a punter. Most, if not all, of the traditional high street bookies now have an online facility and there are many betting companies that exist solely online as this is a very popular way to gamble.





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Everyone Offers Betting Promos

To be able to bet online you will need to open an account with an online betting company. There is nothing to stop you opening new accounts at more than one site but this obviously depends on how much disposable money you have to gamble with. As there are so many companies out there, competition for new customers is fierce and because of that most of them will off some kind of incentive for signing up with them.

The welcome offers are usually a certain amount of free bets – or a deposit match – and come in the form of betting promos. These ‘promos’ – or promotions – enable the new account holder to make a number of free bets, adhering to any relevant restrictions.

What Does a Welcome Bonus Look Like?

Usually you will need to sign up for a new account using some kind of free bet promo code. Betting promos come in many shapes and sizes but the free bet promo code is the most popular. Most online betting company sign up procedures are very straightforward and take no time at all. It is usually just a case of providing some personal details, security set up and then entering a free bet promo code. There is also usually some fund deposit requirement to activate the offer.

Do I need to Use One of These Betting Promos to Open an Account?

There is nothing to say that you have to enter a free bet promo code when signing up for an account but it is a great way to get some free bets – and you never know, you might win from them! It is probably more pertinent to ask why you wouldn’t want to use these kind of betting promos when signing up for an account because there is no disadvantage in it.

Is Betting Online Safe?

Online Sports bettingYes, you can bet online and enjoy full protection of both your money and personal data  In addition, you can use the free bet promo code.

Some of you may be used to the more traditional way of betting, going into a high street bookies and placing your bet. And there may be others who have no experience of betting at all and are wondering why you would want to bet online – and what the advantages are of this method.

The main advantage of betting online is that, once you’ve signed up for an account using one of the betting promos that are out there, the ease of being able to put a bet on without leaving the house. There is no effort needed – apart from the amount of work you put into researching your selections!

What About Mobile Betting?

Today, when most online betting companies offer a mobile, on the go, service as well, betting has become even easier. You don’t even have to be in your house to be near a computer. It is all about giving you more freedom to bet where you like, when you like. You can even sign up for your account in the first place on your mobile device – just remember to use your free bet promo code!

Free Bets, Promo Codes…. Different Names for the Same Thing

You might hear betting promos referred to as welcome offers, bonuses or promotions. There are also a number of different betting promos that the companies use to entice you to bet with them. But the most popular for sports betting seems to be the free bet promo code. They may not always be earth-shattering amounts of money but they are still free bets and can be used in the same way as a normal bet.

What About Betting Restrictions?

It always pays to read the fine print with free bet promo codes or betting promos. Not because the betting companies are trying to pull a fast one, but just because different betting promos have different stipulations that you must follow.

These can range from what kinds of bets you can put on, what minimum odds are needed, or if and when you can make withdrawals from your account. Generally there is some kind of minimum amount of bets you have to make before your entire bonus is activated. Or, although the free bet promo code entitles you to £50 (for example) you cannot place one £50 bet, but rather a number of smaller free bets totalling £50. Some betting promos give you up to £50 (for example) and the actual amount of free bets you receive depends on how much you deposit into your new account or how much your initial bet stake is.

Finding the Attractive Betting Promos

Bet Bonus CodesIt seems obvious that if you are thinking of signing up for a new online betting account then you should use any kind of welcome offer you can, whether it be a free bet promo code or a deposit match. The betting company is giving you something just for signing up with them. It may not always be the case that the biggest offer is the most worthwhile one to go with however. Always take a look at the company in question and what their site is like – and what kind of markets and odds they offer – before making your decision.

Betting promos are a great way to get the ball rolling on a new betting account and give you a little bit more freedom to make a ‘no-risk’ bet. If you don’t win on a free bet then you haven’t really lost either as there has been no outlay on that bet. But if you win, you’ve got something from nothing!

There are many online betting companies with a vast array of betting promos. Take a look around and find the right one for you.